"From a dangerously under-performing company, this campaign returned us to profitable operations and almost doubled the highest level of profitability previously attained. I can't thank you enough for your contribution to this remarkable turnaround"

Medrex, Ltd

Change Methods

  • Involve important cross sections of people in change-initiative design, data generation and analysis; implementation and evaluation
  • Establish leadership drivers and support
  • Create a valid assessment of the current state
  • Create a clear picture of a desired future
  • Map the transition
  • Establish change team(s) and management structures
  • Assign realistic allocation of resources
  • Create effective communication mechanisms, channels & messaging
  • Provide workshops and training as needed
  • Establish metrics, feedback loops and sound follow-up/adjustment strategies.

Employ Appropriate Strategic Planning Methods and Whole-System Planning Conferences:

· Future Search Conferences
· Workout Conferences
· Whole Scale™ Change Conferences
· Town Hall Meetings




Small Business Turn Around (Manufacturing)  (click title to read the summary)


A 28-year company who is a large employer in a small community is losing money on jobs and experiencing troublesome labor issues.  Significant change is needed, is needed fast and has to be done right the first time.


  • Owner/Leader Dialogues, Strategic Planning
  • Re-design the organization for efficiency, stability, quality and value
  • Change Management Consulting: Engage everyone in being a part of the solution
  • Develop management skills
  • Teambuilding


  • Within a year, the company achieved its highest profits in its 29 year history
  • A new, team-based organization stabilized labor and focused everyone on performance
  • Significantly improved business processes and work flow
  • Clear strategic direction and market positioning solidified customer base and opened new opportunities

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