Strategic Planning Vision Conference
"Thank you for helping us through a rather difficult and complex transition and helping us achieve so much progress in so little time"

Section Head
UK Mission to the United Nations


Results-Driven Change is created when important cross sections of people come together and collectively say, “I understand where we need to go.”  This makes sense for the organization.  I want to work with others to make this happen.”
Whether change is needed to develop and implement new technologies, improve processes, serve new markets, improve teamwork or transition leaders, we help our clients reduce complexity, plan effectively and successfully negotiate the politics and relationships to a more cohesive place of shared meaning and intent.

We help our clients:

· Maximize commitment through involving people at the right time and the right place
· Create effective organizational messaging & communications
· Work successfully through the transition
· Create new structures, partnerships, processes and human    networks
· Best manage the human side of change
· Energize people around vision, hope and possibility

We help people broaden the ways they think about their organization, their environment, their markets, their work, and the ways they interact.  We help them to look at themselves and their departments in relation to the whole, their organization’s mission, vision and strategic priorities. We help to achieve consensus where needed and, when necessary, help people & groups negotiate winning solutions.  Through this process, we help our client-organizations engender new levels of personal & group responsibility, accountability and commitment to achieve desired improvement.

What change is your organization in need of?




Help the National Parks Conservation Association Establish a New US Region (click title to read the summary)


Help the NPCA establish a new US region under new leadership and a new team


Tailored Strategic Planning and Team-Building Initiative to: establish regional goals &  action plan, affect optimal integration & coordination between the region and national office & launch successful new working-relationships.

Change Management Consulting


New northeast US parks protection and expansion initiatives supported by New York Mayor Bloomberg and involving many partners and stakeholders

Exceptionally successful capital campaigns supporting the national organization

Regional and national integration to “one of the most synergistic relations in the organization's history”

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