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Conflict Resolution

Conflict happens, naturally.  We live and work in complex systems and are called upon to negotiate powerful and diverse political, technical and social interests and forces.

As a natural dynamic, conflict helps us to learn, innovate and change.   It signals us to where attention is needed to solve a problem. It empowers us to grow in maturity and skills.  But, carried beyond a certain point, conflict can become destructive to productivity and relationships and can threaten the sustainability of an organization.

Conflict not managed well can be costly.  Political maneuvering takes people’s valuable time, energy and attention away from the needs of the business.   Morale and a positive work-environment can be compromised. When conflict crosses this line from being a value-adding dynamic to help people focus on important matters to a negative force which threatens people’s performance and commitment, collaborative interventions offer great value towards helping people save their relationships, partnerships and the business.

We are experts at successfully mediating disputes– between individuals, sub-groups, departments, organizations… and over substantive issues ranging from money, control, strategic priorities and performance matters to challenging relationships.

The tools and processes we use, including diplomacy, trust building and collaborative problem-solving, helps our clients bring disputes to a rapid, successful resolution.

We help our clients create a far more productive discussion than they could have had by themselves.  We help people shape the understandings, solutions and agreements that are needed to create a better future.  And, as we’ve heard from our clients, the processes we employ often help people change for the better.

Whether between members of a small family business, executives in a Fortune 1000 company, regional offices across a country, partners, or firm and it’s suppliers or customers, we help our clients come to the table productively, identify core issues, take responsibility and discover solutions which set them on a new and better course.

Do people in your organization need help addressing concerns (before these become threatening to the business?) Call us, it is our mission to help.

Services: Mediation – Alternative Dispute Resolution – Collaborative Negotiation



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