"You have a wonderful way of inspiring others to be creative, to be open, and to be willing to make improvements. You added clarity when needed and brought us to helpful conclusions"

VP, General Manager


Facilitation is the art of partnering with groups to:

· hold productive explorations and dialogues
· come to terms on important matters
· make decisions
· shape crucial agreements
· make progress

Masterful facilitation rests in the ability of the facilitator to guide a collaborative journey of discovery and learning, help groups achieve shared meaning, make well-informed decisions and energize their system around possibility, vision and hope.

As master facilitators, we help clients hold remarkably productive meetings for both small and large groups through:

1. Expert Meeting Design based on planning goals, leadership imperatives, group make-up, current issues, and current political, social and cultural dynamics at play

2. An Inclusive Process from start-to-finish, bringing stakeholders to the table with buy-in to participate fully and take ultimate responsibility for their own learning and action

3. Masterful Facilitation to help groups most fully explore matters, recognize and honor differences, separate fact from myth, and stay engaged and on-point to accomplish meaningful, productive work

4. The Principles which guide our work, helping us to engender extraordinary levels of collaboration and partnership (even amidst the most divisive of situations), and achieve significant value-adding results.

Whether you’re looking to hold leader-level strategic dialogues, bring family-business members together to resolve challenging issues or align an entire organization around goals and strategy, we offer the facilitation skills and experience to help you change your meeting into an exceptional Change Event.




Help the UK Mission to the United Nations Achieve Next Levels in High Performance (click title to read the summary)


Improve organisational effectiveness through greater cross-Section collaboration, improved communications/relationships, and greater empower individual initiative throughout the organisation.


Whole-system change initiative based on collaborative learning, dialogue, planning and action


  • Improved objective setting, information sharing, collaboration and relationships
  • Creation and implementation of system-wide solutions to important organisational challenges
  • Achievement of the prestigious ‘Investors in People’ status’ from the Foreign & Commonwealth  Office


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