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"truly appreciate the impact you had on my life and the company"

The American Taekwondo Association

Leadership Coaching

We help leaders improve their awareness and skills to lead with intention, integrity and tenacity.

Leading people successfully in today’s challenging world demands an unwavering dedication to high performance, a commitment to continuous innovation and the abilities to create truly collaborative work environments.

It is the leader’s charter to engender the organization with the focus, capabilities, standards, creativity, values, commitment and culture that will drive results and future success.  This is no easy task.

In many instances, leaders have achieved their positions through high-levels of technical expertise, but the skills that got them to where they are now aren’t the same skills they need to truly lead the organization forward.  At the end of the day, leadership is about influence — and influence is about people.  Our expertise is people.

As leadership coaches, we help our clients:

Focus Inward:
•  Better understand self (assumptions/beliefs/strengths/how     one holds oneself back)
•  Identify levers for more effective influence
•  Experiment with new insights, behaviors
•  Create, implement and track actions to improve

Focus Outward:
•  Explore the political, technical and social/cultural forces
    of their system in context of achieving
    organizational/leadership goals
•  Identify levers for more effective influence
•  Implement strategies

and Create Results:
Demonstrated Improvement in abilities to:

Manage Self: Awareness of self; impact on others
    and business unit’s work
Manage Others: Skills and behaviors to best support others in achieving their work
Manage Work: Skills and behaviors to support the business’ alignment with the mission and strategic objectives
Manage the Organization and Relationships with Stakeholders
Lead and Manage Change

In what ways are you being called upon to improve your leadership?



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