Organization Development Model
"Silos were broken down, morale and teamwork were significantly improved and we created massive improvements in customer service..."

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Organization Development

We help our clients improve their organization’s health, effectiveness and performance, and lead change.

Whether we’re helping to plan & lead a restructuring… orchestrate a visioning process… guide a performance-
improvement program… or intervening to improve derailed situations between people the unique suite of skills we bring to our clients helps them to significantly improve their organizations and create high value, sustainable results

We help people:

1) come to the table fully engaged and committed to driving productive outcomes

2) participate in a process they find on-point, exceedingly productive and of deep meaning

3) discover their fullest potential for achieving common ground; and

4) act with unprecedented commitment to achieving what they’ve determined they want to achieve.

Client needs we’ve helped our clients successfully address:

  • “We’ve just restructured the North America Marketing Organization, relocated… 60% of our people are new… We need to solidify organizational goals and priorities, build teamwork and get everyone rowing in the same direction”
  • “We’re launching a new division under new leadership and want to get this done well, on the right footing”
  • “We need to create more innovative approaches, greater responsiveness and increased flexibility towards better serving key corporate accounts”
  • “We’re opening another plant overseas and I need my management team to take on new roles in running the business here in the states”
  • “We need to bring the North America network together, develop greater alignment and consistency in our work and prepare for significant policy changes on the horizon”
  • “We have to attract new, highly-committed members to the board who are willing to work towards accomplishing the vision”
  • “There are tensions and conflicts between these groups that are impacting everyone’s performance. We have to get these issues resolved, get our focus on track”

As consultants, we help our clients achieve serious, tangible results through helping people to better connect, learn, solve problems, act concertedly and improve their collective performance.

How might we help you drive your organization’s future success?




Rebirth Transformation & Renewal with the World's Largest Martial Arts Organization (click title to read the summary)


The world’s largest martial arts organization experiences the tragic loss of their founder and leader. The Songahm Tradition, a global network of followers and the organization face critical leadership and organizational concerns


Align the Core -- Engage the Network -- Create Vision & Strategy (Balanced Scorecard) -- Change Management Consulting


  • Organizational rebirth, transformation and renewal
  • Membership growth to 1 million members
  • Unprecedented business performance

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