"The Away-Days were indeed very satisfactory. They featured strongly in the feedback that our Investors-In-People assessor received from UKMis staff and I am sure contributed to the very positive overall assessment that she has just delivered"

Deputy Ambassador
UK Mission to the United Nations

Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning as Science…and Art

We bring our clients notable expertise in designing and leading strategic planning initiatives, meetings and executive retreats which propel our client-organizations forward in significant ways.

Our Clients:

  • Better understand the markets and customers they serve, the unique ways in which they create value
  • Recognize unfolding trends which signal both opportunities and challenges
  • Consider complex, interwoven variables, create meaning, collectively envision a desired future and take action
  • Understand their own system well enough to know where to stretch and where to build the capacity and linkages needed to achieve their goals
  • Create and implement successful strategy


Strategic action with generally unprecedented commitment happens because our work rests in methods of successfully engaging people and human systems.

Our Clients:

  • Engage in crucial (and often challenging) dialogues, learning and innovative thinking
  • Deepen their understanding of strategic issues and their own system
  • Discover their greatest potential for action
  • Build unprecedented commitment to both the plan and the business


Winning strategy isn’t about plugging data into a set of formulas and getting the ‘right’ answers — winning strategy is the product of a well-designed discourse, achieving common ground and greater developing¬† the organization’s capability for action.


At Change Events, we are experts in helping our clients create exceptional outcomes.  How might we help you focus, align and energize your organization?




Fast-Track Strategic Planning at the Federal Reserve Bank (click title to read the summary)


The Federal Reserve Bank needs to create technology improvements for an important arm of the bank.  Multiple stakeholders across the country need to be involved to negotiate complex needs and interests and create solutions that will be accepted, supported and acted upon across the Federal Reserve System.


Future Search Conference:

Establish a common purpose and direction

Broaden horizons, integrate interests

Develop shared responsibility and commitment to act


A $2.5M technology improvement project conceived through multi-stakeholder engagement, planned and implemented through a broad base of support

An efficient planning process that saved the bank significant time and costs usually dedicated to focus groups, surveys and meetings

A better-connected organization, deeper relationships across people and groups

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