"a superb job in the design of our retreat as well as facilitation. The experience has set up my new team for a journey to high performance."

Senior VP, Chief Medical Officer
Capital District Physicians Health Plan

Large Group Planning Summits

The complexity and multitude of strategic factors to consider when looking to create a sound and actionable strategic plan — and the rate of change in today’s world — has made Large-Group Strategic Planning Conferences an enormously value-adding exercise.┬áThese planning conferences bring together diverse sets of stakeholders (people with knowledge, information, authority, resources, ability to act and ‘stakes’ in outcomes) to collectively explore a wide array of strategic issues, create meaning, achieve common ground on a desired future and tap their fullest potential for action.

These planning summits not only save a great deal of time and expense (which often go towards months of data gathering, interviews, focus groups and surveys) — but can also create far-more powerful outcomes than longer-term initiatives as planners engage in real-time opportunities to learn more deeply about their business, the landscape and each other, and, through high-levels of engagement, better connect the organization to itself.

Within a 3-day conference — and with the right people in the room — strategic issues can be fully explored, common ground achieved and cross-functional teams created and engaged in projects (with unprecedented levels of high commitment) to achieve their desired future.┬áThese planning events can be designed for groups of 30-hundreds, method depending, but usually involve 50-200 people.

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Transformation, Renewal & Acceleration at Del Monte Foods (click title to read the summary)


The company has just repositioned its marketing organization, consolidated operations to the US west coast and brought on many new people. How to best launch this new organization?


Establish a collective focus, better connections and generate ideas/actions to improve integration, capability & innovation


  • A better connected, focused and aligned Marketing Organization to drive company growth
  • Within a year, the company achieved a 14% increase in net sales to $3.6B

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