"I am particularly impressed by your ability to quick-study our organization and culture, and then to customize a venue to lead us to a plan for improving both"

VP, General Manager

Whole Scale™ Change

The goal of Whole Scale™ Change is to help organizations uncover and engage the combined knowledge, wisdom and heart of their people to meet the challenges of a changing world.

Whole Scale™ Change works successfully to facilitate all kinds of change processes including strategic planning, organization design, mergers and acquisitions, quality management, reengineering and culture change. The methodology works well in both the public and private sectors, in groups ranging in size from ten to several thousand, and in people ranging from the top of the hierarchy down through the front line staff.

Whole Scale™ Change delivers great benefit to organizations that want to engage nearly everyone in creating their organization’ s processes and structures by offering everyone the same information to get them all pulling in the same direction, and for organizations who have a sense of urgency brought on by a challenging and quickly changing environment.

Whole Scale™ involves processes that quickly change client systems and prepare them for further substantive change by:
•  Clarifying and connecting multiple current realities
•  Uniting multiple hopes around a common picture of the future
•  Reaching agreement on the action plans that move them toward that future
•  Building the processes, structures and relationships that keep the organization moving forward
• Aligning the organization’s leaders and employees so that they can implement the changes together.

Whole Scale™ Change consists of a series of small and/or large group interactions that enable the organization to undergo a paradigm shift. It applies an action learning approach, using Whole Scale™ events as accelerators. Using groups that represent the entire range of levels, functions, geography and ideas in the organization, Whole Scale™ processes provide a powerful way of working with the whole system to create and sustain change. Whole Scale™ also enables a “critical mass” of the organization to create a new culture in the moment. The same critical mass then models what the organization can look like and becomes the vehicle by which powerful change occurs in the whole system.

• Strategic alignment as one brain (all seeing the same things) and one heart (all committed to achieving the same preferred future)
• Intentionally designed and fully owned processes, skills, information, and guiding principles
• A new culture with the behaviors everyone desires to achieve common purpose

When to use:
• With a particularly challenging, volatile environment
• For quick, sustainable results

When not to use:
• Sharing information (versus planning for action), engaging and empowering people are not consistent with leaders’ values

Number of Participants:
• 10–10,000 people (or more using Web-based tools)
• Critical mass (10 percent to 100 percent) to shift the paradigm

Types of Participants:
• Microcosms of “the whole system” that’s changing
• Cross-section of key stakeholders needed (physically and/or virtually) in order to achieve the purpose and outcomes

Typical Duration:
• Preparation: 2–4 days per event
• Events: Several 2- to 3-day events with 4–6 weeks of interim task team work
• Followup: 1 month–1 year



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