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World Cafe

The World Café is a creative process for leading collaborative dialogue about questions that matter. The method is designed to help groups of any size – from fifteen people-to-hundreds of people – efficiently link and build onto each other’s ideas and discover deeper patterns and insights. The learning generated is both deep and wide. Planners discover actionable knowledge, shared values and commonly held beliefs around what’s best for the organization or community. Through the process they are able to clarify complex issues, align themselves around direction and goals and create system-wide solutions.

World Café delivers great value to organizations and communities who want to:

  • Generate targeted input from many stakeholders, share knowledge, stimulate innovative thinking, and explore the possibilities for action on important, future-defining matters
  • Engage people–whether they are meeting for the first time, or are in established relationships–in authentic conversations and in-depth explorations of key strategic concerns
  • Deepen relationships and ownership of outcomes
  • Create meaningful interaction between a speaker and the audience
  • Engage groups, both small-to-very large in authentic dialogue, problem solving and visioning

At Change Events, Inc. we help our clients design the stakeholder involvement and conversations – and lead the conference – that will generate the results (most often, above and beyond the results) they are looking to achieve.

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