Help the UK Mission to the United Nations Reach Next Levels in High Performance


Leaders of The United Kingdom Mission to the United Nations wish to achieve next levels of high-performance through developing greater connectivity across the organisation.

The mission is a Foreign & Commonwealth organisation operating in an incredibly complex operating environment.  People are brilliant, dedicated and hard working.  The work demands 200% effort.  The mission’s ‘limits to growth’ are reflections of the very strengths that make the organisation so successfully high-performing.   The Deputy Ambassador asks Change Events, Inc. to lead an initiative that would help the Mission achieve new levels of high organisational performance through developing new ways of working and better connecting the organisation to itself.



  • Historic multi-level, cross-Section dialogues and learning, the creation of system-wide solutions
  • Improved objective setting, information sharing, cross-section collaboration and relationships
  • Achievement of the prestigious ‘Investors in People’ status from the Foreign & Commonwealth Office