Small Business / Manufacturing Turnaround



A 28-year old document management company who is a large employer in a small community is losing money on contracts and experiencing a 70% employee-turnover rate.

New technologies and increased competition are dictating that the business improve its model, positioning and value chain. Internally, long-term managers and employees follow systems that had been working for many years, but now face the reality that their work flow, structure and performance management practices are no longer tenable.  Significant change is needed, it is needed fast and has to be successful the first time (there will be no second chance). Change Events, Inc. is asked to lead an organization development initiative to help people improve the company and reposition the business for market success.






  • Within a year, the company achieved its highest profits in its 29-year history
  • A new,team-based organization¬†focused everyone on performance & stabilized employee tenure
  • Significantly improved business processes and work flow
  • Clear strategic direction and market positioning solidified a customer base and opened new revenue opportunities