"The 2 1/2 days exceeded my personal goals... It was the most powerful executive team building program I’ve experienced in my 23 years with Xerox"

Employee Development Manager
Xerox Corporation

Team Building

We help people significantly improve their communications, relationships and how well they work together.

When people work well together, it's because they're committed to a collective charter and strategy.   Roles are well-defined and important agreements are shaped around decision making and policy.  They hold themselves mutually accountable to upholding accepted standards of performance and behavior.   They're energized and inspired by the work and by working together.  They know how to learn together.

We help people improve the ways they work together.  We help them develop greater clarity and trust, determine priorities and shape important agreements around business, political and relational concerns.   We help them to define their roles, resources and individual/collective accountability.   We help people improve the ways they manage their selves and their relationships as value-adding members of a team.  We help teams discover their fullest potential for learning and action.

Sometimes clients need us to help groups resolve tough issues and shape important agreements to move successfully forward.  Sometimes clients just want a day out to re-energize and inspire greater teamwork through adventurous, action-learning programs.  And most often we are asked to bring a combination of approaches to best meet the unique needs of a group.

Whether launching new teams or working with intact groups, we partner with clients to design and lead the team-building program that's right for that group at that time. Whether a team of 5 or a division of 200, we'll help you develop your teams to remarkable new levels of performance. Our track record is notable.




Executive Team Building with Xerox Corporation (click title to read the summary)


The executive team of a key US region need to align priorities, grow relationships and share an experience that will significantly propel the group forward.


Discovery & Engagement
2 1/2 –Day Team Building Retreat
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  • Important understandings and agreements are forged
  • Priorities are aligned across the leadership team
  • Significantly improved communications, closer relationships

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