"This initiative has been successful beyond our wildest expectations!"

AVP, Head of Function
The Federal Reserve Bank

Strategic Planning Tools

We customize all of our planning and change initiatives to meet the unique situations and needs of our clients.

Whether working with executive leaders of a global business to clarify mission and vision… regional directors and managers to align objectives and behaviors with strategic growth goals and desired culture development… small-family businesses to increase customer loyalty… state-wide government agencies to improve effectiveness… or large not-for-profits to improve development efforts, we work with our clients to lead highly-effective planning and change initiatives (Change Events, really) that help significantly propel their organizations forward.

Following are several of the key planning frameworks and processes we use with notable success to provide our clients well-targeted, high-results yield planning and development:


Future Search
Balanced Scorecard
Results-Based Leadership
Competitive Advantage
Voice of the Customer
Collaborative Innovation

Six-Sigma Tools
Appreciative Inquiry
Five Disciplines
System Archetypes


Mission / Value Proposition Clarity
Business Process Re-engineering
Organization Re-design
Values Clarity
Leading Change

Market and Customer Segmentation
Customer Needs Matrix
SWOT Analysis
Environment Scan, Trend Analysis
Market Attractiveness Matrix
Risk Management
Decision Support Tools
Creative Problem Solving

Scenario Planning
Mind Mapping
Stakeholder Commitment Planning
Polarity Mapping
Pareto Analysis
Value Chain Analysis
Responsibility Charting
Force Field Analysis
Gap Analysis
Feedback Meetings
Lessons Learned/After Action Review




Small Business (Manufacturing) Turn Around (click title to read the summary)


A 28-year company who is a large employer in a small community is losing money on jobs and experiencing troublesome labor issues.  Significant change is needed, is needed fast and has to be done right the first time.


  • Owner/Leader Dialogues, Strategic Planning
  • Re-design the organization for efficiency, stability, quality and value
  • Change Management Consulting: Engage everyone in being a part of the solution
  • Develop management skills
  • Teambuilding


  • Within a year, the company achieved its highest profits in its 29 year history
  • A new, team-based organization stabilized labor and focused everyone on performance
  • Significantly improved business processes and work flow
  • Clear strategic direction and market positioning solidified customer base and opened new opportunities

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